Thursday, August 06, 2009

Japan... AMAZING!!!

I've come back!! I know...I've not written for more than 5 months. But you know...if you want to be successful with a blog you should write whenever you want it and you feel inspired.

I have to recommend you somewhere...JAPAN!!!! It's amazing!! I've never been to any country like this before. I love Japanese culture. The people are so friendly, so kind and they receive you always with a big smile in their faces. The first days I couldnt believe it. Because here in Spain or even in Morocco we are used to go shopping and find shop assitants with a sad expressions and if they achieve to smile we can recognise a false behavior from them. But in Japan it's different. You really feel comfortable there :)

Besides the behavior of the Japanese another thing which has impressed me greatly was the application of the technology and inventions in the current life of the people. It's incredible. Because in Europe we have many tech goods but we dont use the deplovement in our really current life, like to improve our happyness. I show you a example

This WC make you whatever you want. It has buttons to control different kind of clean ways. If you want a strong water to clean your backside or a thiner one you can choose it only pressing these buttons. If you are inside a restaurant's toilet and you dont want to bother the others customers you have the opportunity to hear music while you are sitting over the WC....yes I know what you are thinking is AMAZING, isnt it??

I have many stories to tell you...but I dont want to make you bored or tired I'm going to show you the most crowded cross over the world. This strange kind of cross is situated in Shibuya a fashionable city in Tokyo.

Do you know that the biggest China town in Japan is in Yokohama?? I know it, because I was there and I have photos that prove it ;)

But I told you Japan is amazing, so Yokohama is more than only a city where the Chinese people have markets and shops...its harbor it's amazing and you can see higher buildings and everykind of shopping center and like all the cities near by can see a "small" attraction park

To finish this first brief story about my Japanese trip I want to recommend you a interesting video about the decreasing population in Japan and the importance of the Robots should watch the video is so funny

Si te resulta interesante lo que lees, pasate por aqui y vótame. GRACIAS!!


Natalia Martínez said...

Ahora en inglés? y eso? So, debería comentarte in English?
Qué cabr**, Tao, es que no tenías suficiente con darnos envidia en las redes q también con el blog.
Anyway, decía el otro día Bruno que era buenísmo que fueras tú, procedente del país de la picaresca, al país de la ingenuidad.
El vídeo de Ueno me mata, la parte en la que hablas en español XD

El 3azzi said...

ahahah Natalia puedes comentar en la lengua que mejor te salga xDD incluso en árabe si te atreves jajaj

Tengo unos videos del estilo bastante graciosos...te voy a hacer sombra señora directora xD

Oye pero es que no es sólo ingenuidad sino demasiada ingenuidad xDD

Oye te gusta el último video de los robots japoneses?

Anonymous said...

They remind me of the travelling :D
Very nice!
Thank you for introducing Japan like that☆I'm so happy♪♪

Come to Tokyo again someday!!!

Anonymous said...

Me encanta!! Qué bueno que lo que más te haya llamado la atención repecto a la tecnología to improve our happiness sea un wc.. no jorobes!
Tengo ganas de ir a Japón ;)


El 3azzi said...

jajaja Señorita L no sabes tu la hapiness que te da cuando le das a un botoncito y por arte de magia tu culito queda reluciente y seco cual culito de porcelana xDDD