Friday, March 27, 2009

Next step Tokyo

Yeah friends! Next summer I will be enjoying one month in Tokyo with my friend Yuki :)

I am so nervous because there will be my first great trip. I have been to many countries before, exactly in 9 countries, but I have never gone so far.

I must prepair my trip now because as you know I am Moroccan and the people from my country needs to apply for a visa to enter into Japan, this is why I have to get necessary documents and I should do it with time enough.

My purpose is telling you all I need to visit Japan. For this I will write some important information during this time and when I am there, I will write every experience I have.

I hope this page will be interesting for you and help you to prepair your trip to Japan in the future. I am sure that it will be a fantastic experience and I will be able to know an amazing culture :=)

I will be here for everyone who wants to interchange his experiencies and stories.

Thank you and See you soon.


Anonymous said...

You expect too much!!!lol
You can know how much boring Tokyo is...well,even if so,I like Tokyo:D Becaue there are many Karaoke(I miss Karaoke so much!!),nice shops,lovely restrants and so on.

But I might recommend you to visit Kyoto actually because it must be more interesting for you than Tokyo.Do you understand?the photo you put on the top page is temple wchich is in Kyoto.It's beauteful city actually especially spring and autumn.I dont know we have chance to go there this time,but there are city like Kyoto even around Tokyo,so we can try going :)

Good luck with applying visa & take care.

Anonymous said...


I'm sure you'll have a great time there. You'll have a great time enjoying the city with Yuki and I'm sure she'll show you everything of the culture over there. I hope you have an amazing experience and that you'll share a bit of it with us.
Can't wait to read everything you've experienced there.

Lots of Love Tine

Deprisa said...

Un viajecito a Japón no vendría nada mal ahora.

El 3azzi said...

Pues si vas te puedo recomendar bastantes sitios interesantes.

Anonymous said...

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